Internship in university labs

A.Y. 2017/2018
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Teaching the main experimental approaches to address different research topics, the way experimental data are analysed and interpreted, the guide lines to prepare a scientific report
Course syllabus and organization

Unique edition

Lesson period
The Internship offers the possibility to choose one out of 9 different teaching lines. In each line, students are involved in different laboratory activities on specific research topics. The programs of the different lines are available at the web-page:

Supporting Materials
The supporting materials of each teaching line, including protocols, papers and slides will be available at the practical course web-page:

Criteria of Eligibility
The bachelor student must be registered at the third year of biological sciences, must have passed all the exams of the first year, together with at least 30 credits of the second year including Biological Chemistry

Procedure of examination
At the end of each teaching line, every student will have to prepare a scientific report where the data obtained during the laboratory activities are described and discussed. Moreover, each student will have to discuss a scientific paper, focused on the research topic of each teaching line, and provided by the teaching staff. The student will be admitted to the examination after approval of the scientific report together with the discussion of the scientific paper. The examination will focus on the activities carried out during the internship and will take place immediately after the end of the internship. In case of rejection, the examination can be repeated only once, afterwards the student will have to repeat the entire teaching line.

Some teaching lines have compulsory exams that the students must have passed before starting the Internship. Moreover, other exams are recommended in order to fully understand the topics of the teaching lines.

Teaching methodology
Students will be directly involved and carry out all the experiments planned within each teaching line. Students are obliged to attend the activities in the teaching laboratories

Further information
All programmes of the 9 lines are available on the practical course web-page:
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