Multimedia architectures

A.Y. 2014/2015
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Lessons: 48 hours
Professor: Valtolina Stefano
Introduction. Multimedia and digital communication.

Digital images. Human perception of color. Color models. Data compression. Lossless and lossy compression. Standards for digital image encoding: GIF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG. Discrete cosine transform, JPEG compression, JPEG2000.

Digital audio. Sampling, quantization, signal to noise ratio. Standards for digital audio encoding: WAV, AIFF. Audio compression. Elements of psychoacoustics, critical bands, spatial and temporal masking. Compression: MP3, AAC. The MIDI system.

Digital video. Video color models. Video compression,predictive coding, motion vectors. Standards for digital video encoding: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264. HD video.

Operating systems issues for continuous media. Synchronization of multimedia data. Quality of service. Real-time scheduling. File systems for continuous media. Real-time network protocols.

Multimedia information systems. Content description. Languages for metadata: RDF, MPEG-7. Digital rights management (DRM), models and standards: MPEG-21.

Multimedia applications design. Multimedia authoring systems. Languages and standards: Flash, Javascript, HTML 5.

Cloud computing and Big Data Management
1. Cloud computing and services overview
2. Apps for business
3. Google Cloud Platform
4. Datastore Services: NoSql solutions for managing big data
5. Cloud Storage Architecture
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Second semester
Lesson period
Second semester
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