Chemical Safety

A.Y. 2016/2017
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The main goal of the course is to provide students with awareness of the legal framework concerning use of chemicals in an working environment.
Students will reach an extensive knowledge of the legislation on health and safety on the workplace, with a special emphasis on the risks related to chemicals, so to be able to answer to questions such as: what are the duties on chemicals producers in order to minimize health risks on the employees of firms that do actually use these chemicals in their production ? What are the statutory obligations of every single employer in Europe in order to provide the highest possible safety on the workplace ? How is the legislative framework enforced ? Attention will be drawn especially on the rationale behind the rules and on the general set of principles that lay behind and drive risk assessment and organization of the production, regardless of the specific risk involved (either chemical, of possible cancer and so on), with an aim at delivering a competence in the subject and not only a knowledge of procedures and rules.
In addition to this, classes will focus on the mechanics of liability both as monetary compensation arising from accidents and illnesses arising from the use of chemicals on the workplace and on the consequences on the criminal law point of view of such events. These aspects are essential to the aim of having a clear understanding or the law of chemicals in the workplace.
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
IUS/07 - LABOUR LAW - University credits: 6
Lessons: 48 hours
Professor: Mautone Giuseppe