Introduction to Geology and Laboratory

A.Y. 2016/2017
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GEO/01 GEO/02 GEO/03 GEO/07
Learning objectives
La parte di Introduzione alla Geologia si prefigge di fornire solide conoscenze di base di Scienze della Terra, dei principali processi operanti sulla superficie e all'interno della Terra. L'obiettivo principale è quello di fare acquisire agli studenti tutti gli elementi di base propedeutici agli insegnamenti fondamentali del corso di laurea.

La parte di Laboratorio di Introduzione alla Geologia ha lo scopo di fornire la conoscenza delle cause dei moti delle placche e della dinamica e dei caratteri peculiari delle zone attive della litosfera. Conoscenze di base delle strutture deformative che si sormano a differenti livelli strutturali. Apprendimento dell'uso delle carte topografiche e fondamenti per la lettura di carte geologiche semplificate.
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First semester
Course syllabus

Building a Planet. The origin of our system of planets. Early Earth and the formation of a layered planet. Earth as a system of interacting components. Earth through geologic time.
The Earth System. Componente. Feedbacks. Equilibrium states. Perturbations and forcings. A quantitative approach.
Earth atmosphere and climate. Structure and composition of the atmosphere. Energy distribution and balance. Atmospheric circulation. Climatic zones. Climate natural variability. Introduction to paleoclimatology
Oceanography. Chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the oceans. Waves. Tides, Oceanic circulation.
Exploring Earth's interior. Exploring the interior with seismic waves. Layering and composition of Earth's interior. Earth's internal heat and temperature. The three-dimentional structure of the mantle. Earth's magnetic field.
Rocks: records of geological processes. Principal genetic processes. Igneous rocks. Metamorphic rocks. Sedimentary rocks. The rock cycle.
Geological time scale. Chronology of the Earth system. Relative chronology. Radiometric dating. Absolute chronology. Geochronologic time scales (GPTS and ATS)
Earth beneath the oceans. Basic differences in the geology of oceans and continents. Introduction to marine geology.
Biogeochemical cycles. Reservoirs, fluxes and feedbacks. Long-term and short-term cycles. The carbon cycle: reservoirs and fluxes.

Plate tectonics: origin and impact of the new global theory; plates and plate margins; the plate puzzle; driving forces of plate motion. Deformation: ductile flow and brittle failure of natural rocks in geology; types of folds; faults and thrusts.
General information on topographic maps: scale and orientation, relief representation, mapping methods. Italian official cartography. Coordinates; magnetic declination; gradients and slopes; conventional symbols. Topographic sections and stereograms. Topography and geology: orientation of a planar geological surface from its trace on topography; geometrical relationships between topographic
GEO/01 - PALEONTOLOGY AND PALEOECOLOGY - University credits: 0
GEO/03 - STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY - University credits: 0
GEO/07 - PETROLOGY AND PETROGRAPHY - University credits: 0
Field activity: 25 hours
Practicals: 24 hours
Lessons: 32 hours
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Professor: Zanoni Davide
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