Anthropology and archaeological excavation

A.Y. 2017/2018
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Unità didattica: Scavo geoarcheologico
The student will acquire basic knowledge about the archaeological excavation and about the main types of archaeological material acquired by means of it. The approach is focused on a geoarchaeological perspective
Unità didattica: Antropologia
The course aims at increasing the knowledge of students concerning osteology, anthropology and paleopathology especially for use on the field , during the stages of excavation and recovery
Expected learning outcomes
Unità didattica: Scavo geoarcheologico
Basic techniques for archaeological excavations and ability to identify the main types of archaeological material in a geoarchaeological perspective.
Unità didattica: Antropologia
Basic knowledege and skills in the fields of Osteology and Anthropology within the context of archaeological excavation and recovery.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
Course syllabus
Unità didattica: Scavo geoarcheologico
The Archaeological stratigraphy and the site formation processes.
Field description, basic concepts of pedology
Diagnostic in the laboratory, basic concepts of sedimentology and micromorphology.
Collecting records: topographic and stratigraphic surveys, techniques in drawing
Excavation in practice, organisation and regulations.
Management of the archaeological excavation in Italy and abroad.

Unità didattica: Antropologia
-Introduction -physical anthropology; biologic anthropology
-macroscopic and microscopic human osteology
- macroscopic and microscopic human osteology; skeleton
- diagnosis of species
- diagnosis of sex
- age estimation
- metrical and non-metrical traits of the skeleton
- paleopathology: occupational signs, trauma, infections, metabolic diseases, nutritional deficits, neoplastic disease
- basics of forensic anthropology, identification of skeletal remains, diagnosis of cause of death, signs of lesions, time since death
- Practice on human bones
BIO/08 - ANTHROPOLOGY - University credits: 6
Lessons: 48 hours