A.Y. 2017/2018
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The discipline has for object the study of human antisocial behaviour, with particular attention to the criminal ones, in their phenomenological and typological manifestation. Criminology, in detail, analyses the criminal offenses, the aetiology of behaviours, the characteristics of the offenders, the role of victims, the systems of social control, the treatment opportunities, the effective application of the legal system, the effectiveness and the efficiency of the same. The purpose of the discipline is to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge that can be useful within the criminal justice system, with the primary intent being to help, in relation to prevention, rehabilitative and social defence contexts, a more adequate and correct application of existing sanctionatory instruments.
Expected learning outcomes
A. Knowledge and understanding abilities. The student must demonstrate to have acquired a basic understanding of the principles of this science, of criminological theories, of the factors facilitating the implementation of deviant behaviour and delinquency and of fundamental legal institutes related to the phase of cognition and criminal enforcement
B. Application abilities. The student must demonstrate to know how to apply the concepts learnt in concrete contexts and specific situations including through case study examples.
C. Autonomy in formulating judgments. The student must demonstrate to be able to perform complex and systematic thinking and must be able to take positions that are properly reasoned in terms of forensic and legal aspect.
D. Communication skills. The student must demonstrate the ability to express the knowledge gained with logical and argumentative consistency and, systematic rigor and appropriate language.
E. Learning skills. The student must demonstrate to be able to reconstruct the historical profiles and evolution of the discipline, to be able to analyse the problematics of deviance and crime with a multidisciplinary approach, to know how to identify the appropriate criminological tools and to be able to apply the legal institutions best suited to the management of specific cases.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
IUS/17 - CRIMINAL LAW - University credits: 6
Lessons: 45 hours
Professor: Meloni Chantal
upon appointment (