Mathematics I and Information Tecnology

A.Y. 2017/2018
Overall hours
INF/01 MAT/01 MAT/02 MAT/03 MAT/04 MAT/05 MAT/06 MAT/07 MAT/08 MAT/09
Learning objectives
Modulo Mathematic I
Learning the basic facts about real functions of a real variable and of linear algebra
Applying knowledge and understanding
Given an exercise, to choose the right part of the theory to solve it, and to apply it in the correct way

Modulo informatica:
To supply fundamentals of computer science, balancing practical aspects related to usage of computers with basic theoretical notions on information management and computer networks.
Expected learning outcomes
Modulo Mathematic I:
To be able to talk about mathematics explaining both concepts and reasoning.
Learning skills
Given a mathematical problem, to find the right part of a book needed to solve it.

Modulo di Informatica:
Knowledge of the fundamentals of computer science. Structure and behavior of computer networks and Web. Usage of search engines for information retrieval. Usage of spreadsheets for creation of formulas and generation of graphs. Basic notions regarding databases and related tools for management and storage of information.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
modulo: Matematica I
Course syllabus
Calculus I
- Real numbers.
Elementary functions: exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric.
Differential calculus with one variable: derivatives, rules of derivation, maxima an and minima of functions.
Functions and their graphs.
Integral calculus with one variable: Riemann's integral, rules of integration, impropers integrals.
Linear algebra: vectors, matrices, determinants, systems of linear equations.
modulo: Informatica
Course syllabus
PART I - Introduction to computer science
G.1. Basic elements
G.2. Coding of information
G.3. Structure of computers
G.4. Computer software
G.5. Computer networks

PART II - Information management and spreadsheets
F.1. Spreadsheets
F.2. Computation functions in Excel
F.3. Statistical functions in Excel
F.4. Graph creation in Excel

PART III - Information management and databases
B.1. Information management
B.2. Data storing and databases
B.3. Data models
B.4. Relational databases
B.5. Creation of a database in Access
B.6. Definition of queries in Access
B.7. Databases on the Web

PART IV - Internet and Web
I.1. The Internet network
I.2. Web architecture
I.3. Web standards
I.4. Web contents: the markup languages
I.5. Client-side programs and applications
I.6. The search engines
modulo: Informatica
INF/01 - INFORMATICS - University credits: 3
Basic computer skills: 18 hours
Professor: Scarabottolo Nello
modulo: Matematica I
MAT/01 - MATHEMATICAL LOGIC - University credits: 0
MAT/02 - ALGEBRA - University credits: 0
MAT/03 - GEOMETRY - University credits: 0
MAT/05 - MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS - University credits: 0
MAT/06 - PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS - University credits: 0
MAT/07 - MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS - University credits: 0
MAT/08 - NUMERICAL ANALYSIS - University credits: 0
MAT/09 - OPERATIONS RESEARCH - University credits: 0
Lessons: 48 hours
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