Veterinary Anatomic Pathology 1

A.Y. 2017/2018
Overall hours
Learning objectives
fornire agli studenti le nozioni necessarie per riconoscere, descrivere, interpretare e classificare (diagnosi anatomo-patologica) le modificazioni morfologiche (lesioni, alterazioni) sia macroscopiche che microscopiche (istologiche, citologiche) degli apparati ed organi di animali domestici nel corso di malattie e correlare tali modificazioni alla loro causa (eziologia) al loro sviluppo (patogenesi) ed eventuale evoluzione.
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
Modulo: Anatomia patologica veterinaria 1
Course syllabus
General anatomic pathology
1. Introduction
· Definitions
· The Veterinary Anatomic Pathology and its study's fields
· Careers for the veterinary anatomic pathologists
· Gross evaluation of organ's lesions
2. Post mortem changes
3. Congenital anomalies
· Types of congenital anomalies
· Anamnestic and diagnostic processes
· Etiology
· Anatomic pathology findings
4. Environmental pathology
· Mechanical force
· Thermal injuries
· Radiation injury
· Electrical injuries
· Toxics, Chemicals, drugs
5. Miscellaneous
· Lumen modification in hollow organs
· Foreign bodies and abnormal content in hollow organs
· Organs dislocations
6. Nutritional pathology
· Protein-energy malnutrition
· Vitamin deficiencies
· Mineral deficiencies
7. Vascular disorders (arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels)
8. Inflammatory process
· Acute inflammation
· Chronic aspecific and granulomatous inflammation
9. Lesions induced by microorganisms and parasites

Diseases of organ systems
1. Alimentary tract
· The oral cavity
· The esophagus
· The forestomachs
· The stomach
· The intestine
· The liver
· The pancreas
2. The respiratory tract
· The nasal cavity
· The larynx
· The trachea
· The lungs
3. The nervous system
· The cerebrum
· The spinal cord
Modulo: Istopatologia e citopatologia
Course syllabus
The module gives to students basic knowledge on normal and pathologic findings in histology and cytology. For the tegumentary system also the gross findings are taken into consideration.
Introduction -1hr
Recognizing cells - 1hr
Biopsies -2hrs
Cytology and histology samples: techniques and stains -1hr
Cellular pathology
-adaptations of growth and differentiation (hyperplasia ) -1hr
-intracellular (lipidosis, pigments ) and extracellular accumulations (amyloidosis, calcification ) -2hrs
-cell injury and cell death -2hrs
-Pigmentation and mineralization -1hr
Inflammatory processes -3hrs
Tegumentary system -2hrs
Modulo: Anatomia patologica veterinaria 1
Course syllabus
Not provided
Modulo: Istopatologia e citopatologia
Course syllabus
Not provided
Modulo: Anatomia patologica veterinaria 1
VET/03 - VETERINARY PATHOLOGY - University credits: 3
Practicals: 16 hours
Lessons: 16 hours
Professor: Scanziani Eugenio
Attività esercitative ripetute a gruppi di studenti
Professors: Caniatti Mario, Scanziani Eugenio
Modulo: Istopatologia e citopatologia
VET/03 - VETERINARY PATHOLOGY - University credits: 2
Lessons: 16 hours
Professor: Caniatti Mario
mon-fry appointment needed (
My office (Anatomia Patologica Veterinaria)
10-12 am, Monday
Anatomia patologica, Facolty of Veterinary Medicine, Via Celoria 10, Milan