Small Ruminant Nutrition & Quality of Products

A.Y. 2018/2019
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Approfondimento della nutrizione e alimentazione dei piccoli ruminanti in relazione alle richieste di mercato e alle specificità nutrizionali e qualitative delle produzioni ovi-caprine
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
Course syllabus
Small ruminant production: milk, meat, wool, fibre. Global and national trends:
- Increasing global importance of non bovine milk: sheep, goat and camel milk (1 hour)
-Originality and nutritional quality of goat and sheep milk (2 hours)

Small ruminant nutritional requirements:
-Nutritional differences between large and small ruminants (2 hours)
-Sheep and goat feeding behaviour (1 hour)
-Evaluation of sheep and goat nutritional status (2 hours)

Small ruminant feeding and quality of their products (milk, meat, wool,fibre)
-Nutritional strategies in different physiological phases of dairy sheep and goats (2 hours)
-Traditional pasture-based feeding strategies: impact on ovine and caprine product quality (3 hours)
- Feeding strategies in relation to costumer requirements for animal product quality (3 hours)

Practical activity
Formulation of feeds for ovine and caprine species (2 hours)
Seminars on technical aspects and management of sheep and goat dairy farms (6 hours)
Guided visits to goat and sheep dairy farms (8 hrs)
AGR/18 - ANIMAL NUTRITION AND FEEDING - University credits: 3
Practicals: 16 hours
Lessons: 16 hours