COMPLEMENTARY COURSE: Comparative law: notions of civil liability

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The course aims to provide students:
- knowledge of some topics of tort law in the Italian legal system and in the other legal traditions analysed;
- an integration to the comparative private law course, with a concrete approach: the analysis of some issues in the field of tort law will offer the opportunity to apply the methodological tools of comparison and to observe some systemological characteristics of the national systems examined.
Expected learning outcomes
The student will have to acquire a sufficient knowledge of the tort law topics analysed and to understand the main characteristics of the different legal traditions.
The student will have to acquire adequate analysis and argumentative skills on the cases and materials discussed in the classroom, using correct legal terminology.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
Teaching methods: lessons will take place in the classroom if possible, according to the syllabus. If not possible, the lessons will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform and can be followed synchronously (the presence of students will be monitored throughout the session).
The relevant material will be available or listed on the Ariel pages of the course, as will any changes that may occur in relation to the evolution of the sanitary status.

Assessment methods and Criteria: credits will be granted subject to attendance and active participation in 70% of the lessons (7 out of 10); students will be also invited to provide a presentation to the class or a brief written paper aimed at assessing the fulfilment of the learning goals.
Course syllabus
The course offers a first monographic approach to tort law, in order to give students the opportunity to test what they have learnt in the course of comparative private law in the analysis of a specific institute, with an exercise of "micro-comparison" that allows them to implement the methodological tools (such as formants' theory; circulation of models) and to see at work the different national system, with their systemological characteristics.
The main topics dealt with will be : the tort law models (French; German and Italian model. The law of torts: English and American models): the black letters rules and their interpretation over time; damages and punitive damages.
Students will be guided in a first approach with foreign sources (law rules, judgements) and stimulated to reflect on the different solutions adopted and on the perspectives of European harmonization in this field; some profiles of the recent "Projet de réforme de la responsabilité civile" will be examined in the context of the European scenario and its recent trends.
Teaching methods
The course provides frontal lectures and requires the active participation of students, who will be invited to analyse and discuss some concrete cases and to prepare short presentations to be presented to the class.
Teaching Resources
Materials will be provided during lecture.
Assessment methods and Criteria
Credit will be attributed to students who attend at least 70% of the course.
IUS/02 - COMPARATIVE PRIVATE LAW - University credits: 3
Lessons: 20 hours
Professor: Vari Barbara