After graduating in Biological Sciences

Career opportunities
  • Universities, public and private research institutions

  • Public and private laboratories for analysis, quality control, environmental protection, biotechnology in the biomedical, food-farming, livestock and plant nursery fields

  • Pharmaceutical, biochemical and food industries

  • Cultural heritage protection institutions, parks, museums, botanical gardens, biological or biochemical monitoring organizations, environmental impact agencies

  • Freelance work in science communication and information, biology and natural science publishing

Furthering your studies

Search for a Bacherlor's, Master's or single-cycle Master's Degree Programme – Admission, objectives, study plans, and practical information on university locations and registrars

Post-graduate programmes

Search for a doctorate, post-graduate school, vocational master or specialization course, take a state certification exam or follow teacher training courses

Looking for a job

Benefits for working students, writing a CV, internship opportunities, career guidance.