Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2019/2020
Study area
Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
Main university (administrative headquarter)
Università di Pavia
Università di Pavia
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Milano, Pavia
The PhD in Economics aims to train research doctors who, in addition to possessing a high level of expertise as regards all the fundamental aspects (methodological, theoretical, analytical) of economic science, are also capable of producing original scientific research within their chosen area of specialization for the purpose of producing the doctoral thesis.
The PhD in Economics comprises a mandatory advanced teaching stage which serves to provide the specific methodological knowledge which is not provided in the previous levels. The areas of teaching are Macro- and Microeconomics, Econometrics and advanced applications of Statistics and Mathematics for Economics. The student research doctor will choose a research topic from the branches represented by the Academic Board and must prepare a thesis predominantly consisting of original articles that the Academic Board deems suitable for peer- reviewed publication in international scientific journals. The programme aims to produce scholars capable of moving in international circles of research in Economics and actively interact therein, both in an academic environment and in international public institutions and private research centres.
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Milano, Pavia
  • Degree course coordinator: Edoardo Rossi
  • Main offices
    Università degli studi di Pavia
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Courses list

Not specified period
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Welfare Economics 3 20 English
Not specified period
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Advanced Econometrics 3 20 English
Computational Statistics with R 2 10 English
Experimental Economics 3 20 English
General Equilibrium Theory
3 20 English
Labor Economics
3 20 English
Public Economics 3 20 English
Risk and Game Theory 3 20 English
Theory of Production and Consumption Decisions 3 24 English
Time Series Econometrics 3 20 English


Call for applications

The call for applications is being finalized. Please refer to the call, once it is available, for admission test dates and contents, and how to register.

Application for admission: application deadlines will be published shortly.

The call for applications is being finalized