Historical studies

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2019/2020
Study area
Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dipartimento di Studi storici - Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - Milano
PhD Coordinator
The themes of the doctoral programme cover a chronological span that runs from the history of the late classical period to the contemporary age, with particular focus on political, cultural, economic, religious and institutional history. The programme also develops studies on the history of ideas, science, publishing, political thought, archival training and palaeography.
The principal objective of the doctoral trajectory is to provide PhD students with the tools for the advancement of the historian's craft in terms of methodology and in the correct analysis of the sources. Under their supervisors' guidance, doctoral students will need first of all to acquire historical sensibility and a solid knowledge of the nature and development of historical events; moreover, they will need to demonstrate their knowledge of the historical and historiographical debate in the appropriate context. Through specific tools (bibliography, archival sources, printed primary sources, etc) PhD students will be able to provide by the end of their third year a solid thesis, which will demonstrate their capacity for a critical and conscious interpretation of complex historical events.
The doctoral programme also aims to connect the students with the wider international research context, both by establishing contacts with universities and research centres abroad (many co-supervisory arrangements are in place), and by including in the postgraduate board historians based at the most prestigious international universities (in France, Germany, Britain, Japan, the US and Brazil).
Tutte le classi di laurea
Dipartimento di Studi storici - Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - Milano
Title Professor(s)
Political Cultures and Institutional Change in the Late Middle Ages (11th-15th c.)
G. Albini
H. Sato
I. Teixeira
H. Brandt
Social and Economic History of the Middle Ages
J.B. Delzant
Ecclesiastical Institutions, Charity and Assistance in the Middle Ages
G. Albini
History of Early Modern – 16th-17th c.
F. De Vivo
History of the age of Enlightenment and Revolutions
P. Serna
J.B. Chauvard
Markets and Institution in Pre-Industrial Economies
Political, economic and social history of the contemporary age
A. Bracco
History of International relations in the Globalization Era
G. Lami
Culture and costume History and Public History
G. Albini
P. Willson
I. Favretto
A.H. Merjian
Christianity, culture and society from Middle Ages to Contemporary Age
Culture and Power in the History of Political Theories
Cultural history, history of books, libraries and archives. Circulation, conservation and transmission of sources and texts (manuscripts and  printed).

Courses list

Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Method and Historiography on XX Century 2 10 Italian
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Aldo Moro's Writing During the Captivity (1978) 2 10 Italian
Books and Authors of Revolutionary and Napoleonic Age 2 10 French
Chronachistic in 1200: Salimbene da Parma
4 20 Spanish
Introduction to Late Antiquity 2 10 English
Water, Floods and Water Disasters in Middle Ages and in Modern Ages
Albini Giuliana
2 10 Italian
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
A Bridge between Mediterraniea and North Europe: the case of Lombardy
Albini Giuliana
2 10 Italian
Sport and Politic in XX Century 2 10 English
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Presentations and Discussions on Recent research on Modern Period 2 10 Italian
The Aftermath of the First World War 2 10 English