Literature, arts and environmental heritage

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2019/2020
Study area
Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dipartimento di Studi letterari, filologici e linguistici - Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - Milano
PhD Coordinator
The doctoral programme in Literature, arts and environmental heritage is structured around two central ideas: the "text" (broadly considered as the product of intentional creative action), its history and success, the forms of its production and reception; the "context" or overall historical and environmental circumstances in which production of the text takes place. The new structure issues from experience developed during previous doctoral programmes in Classical Antiquity, History of Italian language and Literature, Cultural and Environmental Heritage Sciences. The cultural contents typical of the various sectors (philology, literature and linguistics, history and classical antiquity, archaeology, history of art, of music and of performing arts, human environmental sciences) will be studied in depth, developed and reorganised in a multidisciplinary whole.
Classi di laurea:
LM-2 Archeologia,
LM-3 Architettura del paesaggio,
LM-4 Architettura e ingegneria edile-architettura,
LM-5 Archivistica e biblioteconomia,
LM-10 Conservazione dei beni architettonici e ambientali,
LM-11 Conservazione e restauro dei beni culturali,
LM-12 Design,
LM-14 Filologia moderna,
LM-15 Filologia, letterature e storia dell'antichità,
LM-19 Informazione e sistemi editoriali,
LM-36 Lingue e letterature dell'Africa e dell'Asia,
LM-37 Lingue e letterature moderne europee e americane,
LM-38 Lingue moderne per la comunicazione e la cooperazione internazionale,
LM-39 Linguistica,
LM-45 Musicologia e beni musicali,
LM-48 Pianificazione territoriale urbanistica e ambientale,
LM-49 Progettazione e gestione dei sistemi turistici,
LM-50 Programmazione e gestione dei servizi educativi,
LM-51 Psicologia,
LM-65 Scienze dello spettacolo e produzione multimediale,
LM-75 Scienze e tecnologie per l'ambiente e il territorio,
LM-78 Scienze filosofiche,
LM-80 Scienze geografiche,
LM-84 Scienze storiche,
LM-89 Storia dell'arte,
LM-92 Teorie della comunicazione,
LM-94 Traduzione specialistica e interpretariato,
LMR/02 Conservazione e restauro dei beni culturali.
Dipartimento di Studi letterari, filologici e linguistici - Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - Milano
Title Professor(s)
The language and visual culture of the civilizations of Africa and Asia.
Archaeology in the Mediterranean and Continental Europe from Prehistory to Late Antiquity.
Social, economic and cultural continuity and discontinuity at the time of the Hellenistic Kingdoms and Roman Provinces.
The politics and institutions of Ancient Greece and Rome.
The society, economy and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome.
Classical Mythology from rituality to narration.
The texts of the Greek literature, from the archaic Greece to the Byzantine Empire: critical editions, linguistic and philological researches , textual tradition, literary interpretations, historical-cultural investigations.
Latin texts from the first century B.C. to Late Antiquity: exegesis, historical and cultural interpretation, linguistic and philological analysis, critical editions.
Textual criticism and history of the classical tradition: themes and moments.
The edition of medieval Latin texts.
Studies in Romance philology and literature of the Middle Ages: texts, themes, contexts.
Dante Studies.
Italian prose from the Origins to Modern Time.
M. Mari
Literary Translation from Humanism to XIXth Century.
M. Mari
Lyric tradition from 13th to 16th century.
Culture and literature of outbound and inbound Italian migration.
Milan and Italian Poetry between Nineteenth and Twentieth Century: authorial projets, genre morphologies, publishing processes, socialization circuits.
Literary production, mediation of publishing and reading practices in contemporary Italy.
Theoretics and critical dimension, fruition, rhetorical and aesthetic aspects of the literary text.
Actual authors, infra-textual authors, characters and the public between the age of Western Prophetic Literature and the beginning of the 20th century.
M. G. Riccobono
Linguistic structures and their diachronic and synchronic variation: Case studies in ancient and modern languages in historical-comparative and typological perspective.
History of linguistic thought.
History of Italian language and Italian linguistics. (Literature and language in use, dialects, grammar writing, lexicography, mass media, Italian for music and arts in Italy and in the world).
B. Hernan Gomez
Iconography as an ideology in the middle ages.
P. Piva
Tradition and innovation in figurative arts and in the exchange between arts and literature.
Artistic research and critical perspectives in the 20th century
Tradition and new languages of East Asian arts.
Cinema as arts and mass-media: archival research, cultural and social perpectives
Bibliographical and archival sources in the study of Italian theatre production of the 19th and 20th Century
Aesthetics of the contemporary theatre.
The aesthetics of images and photography
Western Art Music: Historical, Analytical, Philological Perspectives.
The perfomance as a text. New approaches in the study of musical practice and cultures.
New perspectives in sound and film music studies.
Cultural History of Italian Cinema.
Urban transformations: smart cities, innovation, policies and narratives.
Geography and culture: themes, reflections, disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in a global society.

Courses list

October 2019
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Body of rules and fakes among literature, history, art and cinema 4 18 Italian
Conoscere la ca' granda: la storia, l'edificio, l'istituzione, il contesto 4 20 Italian
The analysis of the sources in the mediolatin texts: research tools and interpretative pitfalls 2 10 Italian
November 2019
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Arte e critica d'arte contemporanea tra italia e stati uniti, 1935-1969 4 20 Italian
January 2020
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Ambiente economia e società nella preistoria e nella protostoria dell'italia settentrionale 2 10 Italian
February 2020
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Il potere e l'eternità: le residenze e i mausolei imperiali a roma da augusto a costantino 4 20 Italian
Sappho and her world 2 10 Italian
March 2020
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Between Egypt and Ethiopia: explorers, intellectuals and collectors between the 19th and 20th centuries
2 10 Italian
Textual itineraries between manuscripts, archival documents and printed editions 4 16 Italian
April 2020
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Human travels from Antiquity to the Present Day 3 12 Italian