Nutritional sciences

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2019/2020
Study area
Medicine and Healthcare
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dip. Scienze veterinarie per la salute, la produzione animale e la sicurezza alimentare - Via Celoria, 10 Milano
PhD Coordinator
The doctoral programme in Nutrition Sciences promotes integrated multidisciplinary and translational training to tackle physiological problems and pathological processes over the entire life cycle, from conception and pregnancy to geriatrics, with special reference to chronic-degenerative diseases, such as tumours, cardiovascular and neurological diseases related to lifestyle and particularly nutrition. The doctoral programme will also provide in-depth knowledge of animal nutrition and food safety with special reference to innovative nutritional strategies to improve foodstuffs that can be beneficial to human health.
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Dip. Scienze veterinarie per la salute, la produzione animale e la sicurezza alimentare - Via Celoria, 10 Milano
Title Professor(s)
Bioavailability of legume seed protein-derived bioactive peptides: anti-glycaemic, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging perspectives
Nutrition and body composition in the older person
The influence of the microbiome and mother-to infant microbial transmission on development of food allergy and allergic diseases
Food allergy, gut and oral microbiome: analysis and potential implications
Dietary Patterns and bioactive compounds in the modulation of metabolic and functional activities through in vivo and in vitro research approaches
Nutritional and lifestyle intervention to reduce Epigenetic impact of maternal obesity on placenta and neonate
Epigenetic regulators of gamete and embryo development in relation to BMI and nutrition
Sphingolipids and mitochondria in adipogenic differentiation: new possible perspectives in the treatment of obesity
Nutritional interventions in childhood obesity to reduce the metabolic co-morbidities: from the diet to the functional nutrient.
New nutritional challenges in the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism diseases (phenylketonuria, glycogenosis)
Role of natural compounds on chemotherapy resistance in human tumors
Role of epigenetics in the differentiation of adipose tissue stromal cells
A. M. Di Giulio
Epigenetic and microenviroment modifications affecting adipose tissue in specific districts
A. M. Di Giulio
Antinflammatory properties of adipose tissue stem cells
A. M. Di Giulio
Levels of endocannabinoids, N-acylethanolamides, and oxylipins in human milk and their relationship with microbiota composition
Blood fatty acids as biomarkers of nutritional status and inflammation in chronic diseases
Potential biological effects of human milk as targeted intervention for prevention and  therapy of neonatal comorbidities
Early nutrition and short, medium, long term health outcomes
Identification of serum biomarkers for the definition of a predictive signature of type 2 diabetes mellitus in bariatric surgery patients
Advanced nutritional evaluation and dietary intervention in prospective cohorts of patients at risk of non communicable diseases
Mental health and daily functioning in chronic pathologies characterized by nutritional impairment
Dysphagia-related quality of life and its impact on nutrition
Obesity and reproduction
Origins of low-grade systemic inflammation in women of childbearing age: visceral fat, food inflammation, dysbiosis
Set up of cell based and instrumental assays for food and feed characterization and evaluation
Alternative & innovative feed ingredients: nutrient analysis and characterisation, nutrient-bioavailability-delivery, post-absorptive nutrient utilisation
Non-immunological determinants of type 1 diabetes
Unveiling metabolic factors of prolonged honeymoon in type 1 diabetes
EPA/DHA and vitamin D supplementation in individuals at high risk for type 1 diabetes
A Lactobacillus paracasei CBA-L7-probiotic in type 1 diabetes
Identification of biomarkers for osteopenia in type 1 diabetes children
Feed and food evaluation: methods and models


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