Pharmaceutical sciences

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2019/2020
Study area
Science and Technology
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dipartimento di Scienze farmaceutiche - Via Mangiagalli, 25 - Milano
PhD Coordinator
The doctoral programme is designed to train highly skilled doctors to work successfully in the industrial and academic fields, and in the sector of medicines and healthcare products. The training, which aims at providing advanced methodological knowledge and scientific content in the pharmaceutical sector, includes theory and research, both centred on the design, synthesis, development and control of new biologically active compounds, new pharmaceutical forms, special foods, cosmetics, biocides and medical devices, typical of the fields covered in the doctoral programme:

- Design and synthesis of biologically active compounds
- Pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and toxicological analysis
- Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics
- Pharmaceutical technology and legislation
- Food chemistry and food supplements
- Fermentation chemistry and biotechnology
- Advanced synthetic methodologies
- Physico-chemical characterization of biologically active compounds
- Herbal drugs, botanicals and active ingredients of plant origin
- Statistical methods for experimental data processing
Classi di laurea magistrale:
LM-6 Biologia,
LM-8 Biotecnologie industriali,
LM-9 Biotecnologie mediche, veterinarie e farmaceutiche,
LM-13 Farmacia e farmacia industriale,
LM-22 Ingegneria chimica,
LM-53 Scienza e ingegneria dei materiali,
LM-54 Scienze chimiche,
LM-61 Scienze della nutrizione umana,
LM-69 Scienze e tecnologie agrarie,
LM-70 Scienze e tecnologie alimentari,
LM-71 Scienze e tecnologie della chimica industriale.
Dipartimento di Scienze farmaceutiche - Via Mangiagalli, 25 - Milano
Title Professor(s)
Plants, ethnobotanical, natural products and food: from characterization to application
F. Secundo
Design of films for drug administration
Study of novel micro- and nanoparticulates drug delivery systems
F. Secundo
Study and development of oral drug delivery systems for spatio-temporal control of release
Study and development of therapeutic systems for intra-vesical release of drugs
Design and synthesis of non-natural amino acids, peptidomimetics and their exploitation for the preparation of complex molecular architectures finding applications in biology, chemistry and nanomaterials
C-C and C-H bonds activation through the metal-catalysis as a sustainable process to access to bioactive heterocyclic systems
M. Christodoulou
Development and application of computational approaches for rational design of novel biologically active compounds, for the investigation of their mechanism of action and for the prediction of their ADME/Tox profile
Design, synthesis and nanotechnological development of peptides and of new selective inhibitors of cancer involved transcription factors and of key enzymes in pathogen microorganisms
Application of analytical, bioanalytical and "omics" techniques in drug discovery and development (identification of disease targets and biomarkers; study of the biological effects of drug candidates and drug metabolism)
Chiari Marcella (CNR)
Design, synthesis and study of structure-activity relationships of new derivatives acting at G protein-coupled receptors or at ligand-operated ionic channels
Design, synthesis, biological characterization and SAR of compounds with antiproliferative or antimicrobial activity
Stereotechnologies development in the preparation and characterization of chiral molecules of biological concern
M. Christodoulou
Secundo Francesco
Quantitative and functional proteomic in drug discovery and development.
Synthesis and chemical-physical characterization of nucleic acids analogues, including Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs), and aggregates with applications in biology and/or in nanomaterials.
Protein hydrolysates and biopeptides: production, biological activities, and their applications in biomedical, food and cosmetic areas.
Secundo Francesco
New chemotypes from natural substances: design, synthesis and biological characterization.

Courses list

December 2019
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Drug discovery and development. An industrial perspective
4 20 English
February 2020
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
The drug discovery process: from target to lead identification
4 22 English
March 2020
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Application of peptides and proteins in pharmaceutical sciences
5 25 English
May 2020
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Chemoinformatics and analytical approaches in metabolomics
5 25 English