Nutritional sciences

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2020/2021
Study area
Medicine and Healthcare
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dip. Scienze veterinarie per la salute, la produzione animale e la sicurezza alimentare - Via Celoria, 10 Milano
PhD Coordinator
The doctoral programme in Nutrition Sciences promotes integrated multidisciplinary and translational training to tackle physiological problems and pathological processes over the entire life cycle, from conception and pregnancy to geriatrics, with special reference to chronic-degenerative diseases, such as tumours, cardiovascular and neurological diseases related to lifestyle and particularly nutrition. The doctoral programme will also provide in-depth knowledge of animal nutrition and food safety with special reference to innovative nutritional strategies to improve foodstuffs that can be beneficial to human health.
Tutte le classi di laurea magistrale - All classes of master's degree
Dip. Scienze veterinarie per la salute, la produzione animale e la sicurezza alimentare - Via Celoria, 10 Milano
Title Professor(s)
Nutritional intervention related to Age-Related Macular Degeneration
G.V. Zuccotti
Nutrition and body composition in the older person
Dietary Patterns and bioactive compounds in the modulation of metabolic and functional activities through in vivo and in vitro research approaches
Sphingolipids and mitochondria in adipogenic differentiation: new possible perspectives in the treatment of obesity
Dietary Inflammatory Index and cardiometabolic complications in childhood obesity
G.V. Zuccotti
Functional foods for treatment of metabolic syndrome in obese children
G.V. Zuccotti
Levels of endocannabinoids, N-acylethanolamides, and oxylipins in human milk and their relationship with microbiota composition.
Alternative & innovative feed ingredients: nutrient analysis and characterization, nutrient-bioavailability-delivery, post-absorptive nutrient utilisation
M. Tretola
Innovative Feed and food evaluation systems
M.J. Ranilla
Molecular approaches to identify and quantify food allergens
Molecular and functional studies to characterize new gluten free ingredients
Study of new ingredients for the development of functional foods
Blood fatty acids as biomarkers of nutritional status and inflammation in chronic diseases
C. Agostoni 15942
Set up and Development of cell-based models for food and feed nutritional and functional characterization
SARS-COV 2 and consumer safety
Role of Gut Microbiota in Multidrug-Resistant Organism colonization: focus on patients with nutrition support therapy
Smart-delivery of healthy nutrients to patients with T1D
A Lactobacillus paracasei CBA-L7-probiotic in type 1 diabetes
Early nutrition and short, medium, long term health outcomes
Potential biological effects of human milk as targeted intervention for prevention and therapy of neonatal comorbidities
Nutritional and lifestyle intervention to reduce Epigenetic impact of maternal obesity on placenta and neonate
Epigenetic regulators of gamete and embryo development in relation to BMI and nutrition
Polipeptides and molecules from edible seeds: study of marker proteins of anti-glycemic, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and neurodegeneration activities in cellular models
P. Coccetti
Algorithms for early screeinng of metabolic syndrome in pregnancy
Gut microbiota and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
Dysphagia, malnutrition and growth in children with epilepsia
Dysphagia and malnutrition in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Advanced nutritional evaluation and dietary intervention in prospective cohorts of patients at risk of non communicable diseases
Mental health and daily functioning in chronic pathologies characterized by nutritional impairment
Effects of oral vitamin D3 vs. 25(OH)D3 in low vitamin D status subjects with impaired hepatic function.
I. Givens
Relations between nutrition, perceived quality of life and mental health in psychosocially frail populations
The relative bioavailability of key nutrients (e.g. Fe, Ca, Mg) from plant vs. animal food sources for adolescent females
I. Givens


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