Philosophy and human sciences

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2021/2022
Study area
Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dipartimento di Filosofia "Piero Martinetti" - Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - Milano
PhD Coordinator
The doctoral programme in Philosophy and Human Sciences is a brand new higher education programme which integrates the skills required for theoretical and experimental research in disciplines such as anthropology, geography, linguistics, psychology and cognitive science, social science, art theory and criticism with the findings of philosophical research, both theoretical and historical. The programme makes use of the multidisciplinary skills of the Board of Lecturers and aims to provide extensive knowledge in specific sectors of basic and applied research. It promotes innovative and cutting-edge research in areas requiring the ability to master theories, methods and techniques from various fields. In particular, the programme aims to provide students with a solid philosophical and scientific grounding in one of the following research areas: (i) History of philosophical and scientific thought (ii) Ethics and political thought (iii) Image theory and phenomenology of experience (iv) Logic and theory of languages (v) Philosophy of mind and cognitive science (vi) Anthropology and territory.
Tutte le classi di laurea magistrale - All classes of master's degrees
Dipartimento di Filosofia "Piero Martinetti" - Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - Milano
Title Professor(s)
Contemporary Philosophy (1): Phenomenology; Existentialism; Hermeneutics; Philosophical Anthropology
Contemporary Philosophy (2): Pragmatism and Philosophy of Practices; Genealogy
Contemporary Philosophy (3): Metaphysics
Theories of language (1): Language and Metaphysics; Semantic Theories of Language
Theories of language (2): Glottology; Comparative Linguistics; Comparative Morphosyntax
Aesthetics (1): Image theories and Visual Culture; Theories of Cinema and Photography; Media Theories and Media Archaeologies; Cultural Studies
Aesthetics (2): Performance Studies; Philosophy and Literature; Rhetoric; Neuroaesthetics
Aesthetics (3): History of Aesthetics: Philosophical Concepts of Aesthetic Nature; Aesthetics in Premodern Philosophy
Ethics and Politics (1): Contemporary Theories of Recognition and Justice; Identities (Gender) Theories
Ethics and Politics (2): Animal Studies
Ethics and Politics (3): International Politics and Regional Integrations; History of International Relations
Ethics and Politics (4): History of Modern Political Thought; Democracy; Public Opinion; Politics and Psychology; Medieval Models of Political and Economical Sovereignty
Ethics and Politics (5): Foundations of ethics; Contemporary value theory; Philosophy of history; political philosophy (liberalism and communitarianism); philosophical anthropology
History of Philosophy (1): Plato, Aristotle, Hellenistic and Post-Hellenistic Philosophy
History of Philosophy (2): The Platonic Tradition from Antiquity to German Idealism; The Aristotelian Tradition from Antiquity to the Modern Age
History of Philosophy (3): Censorship and Libertas Philosophandi from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment
History of Philosophy (4): Good life, virtue, and happiness from Antiquity to the Enlightenment
History of Philosophy (5): History of Ethics from the 17th to the 20th Century
History of Philosophy (6): Epistemology, Ethics and Politics in Ancient and Modern Thought
History of Philosophy (7): Epistemology and ontology in Contemporary Thought
History of Philosophy (8): Kant and German Classical Philosophy
History of Philosophy (9): Metaphysics and Philosophy of Nature from Antiquity to the Modern Age
History and Philosophy of the Sciences
Anthropology (1): Material Culture, Media and Symbolic Representations
Anthropology (2): Anthropology of science and indigenous epistemologies
Anthropology (3): Mobility, solidarity, cooperation, humanitarianism and social identities
Anthropology (4): Anthropology of nature; culture and environment; relationship between humans and non-humans.
Geography: Populations, Migrations and Borders; Geopolitics; Political Borders; Cultural Borders
Geography (2): Climatic changes; Environmental geo-history; landscape evolution; socio-environmental conflicts
Pedagogy; Didactics and special pedagogy: Didactics, Educational technology, Media Education, inclusive education
Sociology (1): Science and technology studies (STS), epistemology and constructivism
Sociology (2): Workplaces studies, coordination studies, interaction, language, senses
Sociology (3): Ethnographic experiments, video-analysis, methodology of social research, research methods (survey, discursive interview, focus group, ethnography)
An-iconology. History, Theory, and Practices of Environmental Images. Immersive Environments in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Courses list

November 2021
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Feminist and queer philosophical perspectives
3 16 Italian
Identities, bodies, artifacts: a neuroaesthetic approach 4 20 Italian
Philosophy and/as/of Literature 2 11 Italian
Philosophy in German: words, concepts, tools and methods 2 11 Italian
Who is undesirable? Shaping the Inhuman Condition 2 11 Italian
February 2022
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Academic presentations: from organization to delivery 2 12 English
Filmology and Media-Archaeology: approaches and methods 4 20 Italian
PIS - Performing Identities Seminar. The Statue
2 10 Italian
May 2022
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Introduction to Data Science for the Humanities 4 20 English
June 2022
Courses or activities Professor(s) ECTS Total hours Language
Designing a research project in philosophy: strategies and challenges 3 15 Italian


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Application for admission: from 28/05/2021 to 28/06/2021

Application for matriculation: from 26/07/2021 to 03/09/2021

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