The analysis of the sources in the mediolatin texts: research tools and interpretative pitfalls

A.Y. 2019/2020
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The course aims to present one of the most important methodological problems of research applied to the Latin literature of the Middle Ages: the correct identification of the sources and the interpretation of the use that authors make of it. In many genres it is usual to take even literal copies of previous writings, with insidious effects: the multiplication of possible sources, since identical portions of text are replicated in several works; the dragging of textual errors from the sources themselves, not to be confused with errors of tradition of the new work; the risk of underestimating the originality of each new work, which repeats derivative materials but giving them new meanings through a studied reconstruction. Through the examination of cases taken from biblical exegesis, encyclopedic literature and historiography, participants will be guided to experience first-hand research and interpretation of the sources, in order to develop their knowledge of work tools and their awareness of appropriate methods. To this end, lectures and seminars will alternate.
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