Court, judges and legislators

A.Y. 2019/2020
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The course aims at providing the main juridical notions involved into the growing integration of the legal system. The most relevant issues touching the sources of the law and the protection of the human rights at a national and supranational level would be analyzed. Particular attention will be paid to rule of law and judicial interpretation; to the relationdhips among powers and different jurisdictions in a national, European and Comparative perspective. Keywords and methodological tools will be provided approaching the complexity that arises from thw deep transformations of the Law in a global contest
Mandatory for Public, international and european union law's PhD student at the first year
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During February 2020: Tuesday from 1,30 p.m. to 4,30 p.m. - Suspended on February 24th, 2020.
Department of International, Legal and Historical-Political Studies (DILHPS), Building of Via Passione n. 15, Milan, 1st floor, room n° 102