Complex Organizations. Research frontiers

A.Y. 2020/2021
Course offered to students on the PhD programme in
Overall hours
Lesson period
April 2021
Lead instructor: Marco Guerci
The course has three main objectives: 1. To explore the basic knowledge on Organization Studies (OrgSt). i.e. (i) OrgSt basic concepts; (ii) key contributions on OrgSt; (iii) selected contributions on OrgSt «hot topics». 2. To explore the basic knowledge on human resource management (HRM), i.e. (i) HRM basic concepts; (ii) key contributions on HRM; (iii) selected contributions on HRM «hot topics». 3. To explore the basic knowledge on collaborative management research (CMR), i.e. (i) CMR basic concepts; (ii) key contributions on CMR; (iii) selected contributions on CMR «hot topics».
Mandatory for students of PhD program in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies.
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