Empirical Surveys and Causal Experiments in Consumer Research

A.Y. 2020/2021
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The course provides students with the understanding of online survey methods and of the basis of empirical and experimental consumer analysis.
At the end of the classess students will have the basical tools to: (1) construct a basic emprical online survey to estimate consumers' perception of a retail products; (2) propose an original online experiment aimed at changing consumers' opinion towards a retail product.
The course includes theoretical lessons on survey methods and practical exercitations including the use of Qualtrics XM software (creation of on-line survey and experiments) and SPSS (data analysis) through a case studies. The examination consists in the evaluation of a group assignment including:
(1) the development an original research idea;
(2) the creation of an on-line questionnaire on Qualtrics;
(3) the collection of original data; and,
(4) the analyzis of the data.
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