Translational potential of cell metabolism as new pharmacological target

A.Y. 2020/2021
Course offered to students on the PhD programme in
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June 2021
Lead instructor: Francesco Bifari
The aim of this PhD Course is to provide the basic knowledge to understand why cell metabolism is nowadays considered a relevant pharmacological target for driving the cells to specific cellular functions including proliferation, quiescence or differentiation.To this purpose, we will overview the principles of the metabolic pathways implicated in the major cellular functions. Notably, we will overview the available methodologies to study cell metabolism highlighting their differences and peculiarity.
Expert in the field will be invited to give lectures on selected hot topics, including immunometabolism, cancer metabolism and cell metabolism of undifferentiated and differentiated cells.
1- Introduction to cell metabolism: Beyond energy (Bifari)
2- Cell metabolism: different methods for different questions (Martano)
3- Metabolic Flux Analysis (Martano)
4- In vivo detection of cellular metabolism (Lopci)
5- Immunometabolism (Borroni)
6- Cell Metabolism of undifferentiated and differentiated cells and Cancer cell metabolism (Bifari)
7- Targeting mitochondria to modulate cell metabolism (Brunetti)
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