Economic Growth

A.Y. 2021/2022
Course offered to students on the PhD programme in
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April 2022
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Lead instructor: Alberto Bucci
The course aims at introducing students to the basic building-blocks of exogenous and endogenous Growth Theory. In particular, it will analyze and discuss: (i) The Ramsey model of exogenous technical change and economic growth; (ii) (Some examples of) The convex generalizations of the neo-classical growth theory ('AK'-growth-model); (iii) If time allows, the human capital-based endogenous growth model (Uzawa, 1965 and Lucas, 1988) will also be discussed along with the endogenous technological change growth model by the 2018's Nobel Prize winner in Economics(Paul M. Romer,1990).
Knowledge of Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Mathematical Analysis (multivariate calculus and optimization).
For first year students - Mandatory for Economics PhD students.
Maximum number of participants: 16
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