Individual interviews

Besides hosting an Information and Advice Helpdesk, the University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP) offers prospective students a free individual guidance service to support them in their transition from secondary school to University and provide them with tools to help them:

  • start off on the path to choosing the right study programme
  • look more closely at their personal interests and their motivation for pursuing their studies, also by looking at the results of the online guidance questionnaire
  • obtain information on study programmes which match their interests and professional aims

Who the service is for

The service is reserved for:

  • students enrolled in the last two years of secondary school
  • recent secondary school graduates who are indecisive about which degree programme to choose at our University. 

How to book an interview

Follow these steps

When and how

The interviews last 60 minutes and take place between 2-5pm by appointment only.  


For the ongoing health emergency, to meet student demands, the COSP has enhanced Skype's interviews  (to book see box below)

Send a request at : object 'Colloquio di orientamento' (Orientation to the choice of course) and in the text:

  • First name, last name
  • School of origin and class attended
  • Motivation of interview request
  • Courses of potential interest
  • Your contacts: Leave us your email address and phone number
  • Time slot in which you would prefer the interview was set.

The operators will confirm the booking, specifying the day and time set for the interview

If, for any reason, you are not able to make it to the appointment, you can cancel it by calling 02 503 13779/12114 or write an e.mail to . 

Not attending a session without prior notification will be seen as rejecting the service.

Other guidance service

COSP extends its individual guidance service to secondary school students and recent secondary school graduates who intend to enrol on one of the University’s degree programmes, by offering them the opportunity to obtain more detailed information on the educational offering and services by means of a Skype interview

All you need is an Internet connection and a Skype account to book a free, 30-minute Skype interview.

For detailed answers to specific questions, please browse the relevant website pages devoted to career guidance, degree programmes and student services to obtain basic information prior to your interview. 

Book an interview

Write an e.mail to  putting Colloqui Skype (Skype Interviews) in the heading and in the text insert the following details:

  • your name, surname and school
  • suggested interview date
  • programmes that possibly interest you
  • Skype contact details.

You will receive confirmation of the booking with the date and time of the Skype link-up.  

For more information, please send a message via e.mail or contact them on 02 503 13779/12114.

To request general information on degree programmes or services, and if you are already studying at the University of Milan, use the Informastudenti service, choosing

  • Enrolment > Degree programme choice orientation

COSP does not evaluate previous studies for the purpose of accessing master’s degree programmes or transferring to a different degree programme Information should be requested directly from the relevant degree programme reference tutors.