Guidance events for schools

Informative sessions held on campus to acquaint students with the university world (by request)

Reserved for 4th and 5th year secondary school students and their teachers, the sessions for presenting the University's academic offering take place from October to April, by request, in different locations, depending on the area of study.

The University headquarters in Via Festa del Perdono no. 7 are the reference point for meetings dedicated to the presentation of the general educational offering and for the specific areas of  law, the humanities, political-economic and social sciences, and medicine-surgery.

The degree programmes in the sciences are instead presented in lecture halls and laboratories in the Città Studi university district.

Request a guidance session

The reference advisor must download and complete the request form and send it to

The following must be specified:

  • event of interest
  • preferred period or exact date
  • number of students involved
  • if the school has any particular interests or requirements

The COSP, after having assessed the request and availability, will identify the persons to be involved in organizing the event and will contact the teacher directly. 

Guidance events

The COSP, the University Study and Career Guidance Service, provides guidance to prospective students through events in which it presents the entire range of the University's educational offering, as well as student services and benefits. 

To take part in open events, students are simply required to register, even as a class.
The following are proposed during each academic year:

  • Open Day 
    An entire day dedicated to orientation generally takes place in the second half of May. Stands are set up in the large courtyard of the historical University headquarters in Via Festa del Perdono. The entire educational offering for the new academic year is presented,  and participants have the opportunity to meet professors, researchers and students from all areas who form part of the University of Milan's multidisciplinary team.

  • sessions on specific areas of study
    These, organized in collaboration with the teaching staff of individual degree programmes, provide an introduction to particular study paths.

  • laboratories, summer schools and university lectures
    Dedicated to upper secondary school students, these consist in laboratory activities, practical workshops and summer schools, with academic lectures on a number of disciplines held in various teaching facilities.

COSP also takes part in various Student Fairs (Saloni dello studente) organized throughout Italy.