Erasmus students accommodation

The University of Milan offers accommodation for Erasmus students in a hall of residence according to availability.
Accommodation is offered in shared rooms, 2 beds per room.

Since a limited number of places is available in the halls of residence, the booking rule is: first arrived first served.

Accommodation booking deadline
30 June
First semester
30 November
Second semester
University residences

The University of Milan offers possibilities of accommodation in University residences located in :

  • via Santa Sofia 9
  • via Bassini 36
  • via Plinio 44
  • via Muzio Attendolo detto Sforza 6
Book an accommodation

Before booking an accommodation students must have:

  • filled in the online application and sent a message to the Erasmus Office 
  • received the enrollment confirmation and the University login credential.

Email your accommodation booking to within the following deadlines:

  • first semester: 30 June
  • second semester: 30 November

The University will send you in reply a link to the available accommodation in its residences, so that you can make your choice. 

The minimum stay is 2 months.

The maximum stay in University residences is related to Erasmus the study period established by the Erasmus agreements between the University of Milan and the student's University. 

Within 15 days after the selection of the place, you must:

  • pay the established tuition for first and second monthly installments 
  • submit to  the payment.

Accommodation service will cancel the booking if the student will not e-mail the receipts.

How to pay

Bank transfer to:

RECIPIENT: Università degli Studi di Milano
BANK: Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. - via Giuseppe Verdi 8, 20121 Milano
IBAN CODE:IT97G0306909400000000463971

Important: please specify the following reason for payment: 'Family name, First name, Erasmus Student'.

How much to pay 

First month tuition installment

  1.  an advance payment of 300,00 Euro will be made by students who arrive during the first fortnight (1-15)
  2. a sum of 150,00 Euro will be paid by those arriving during the second fortnight (16-31)

Payment of rent will begin on the arrival date indicated on the Erasmus on-line application form.

Advances payment of the second month tuition installment

In addition to the first monthly installment, students will be asked to pay in advance the second monthly installment of 300,00 Euro.
Applicants who fail to visit the dormitory will have their reservation automatically cancelled; the payment will not be refunded.