Visiting Professors

Visiting professors are highly qualified scholars, Italian or foreign, who are affiliated with non-Italian universities, agencies or institutions for advanced training or research and who come to this University to hold courses, modules, lecture cycles or seminars, in accordance with agreed programmes.

Their overall teaching load must be at least 16 hours per academic year; they are allowed to be part of exam or degree committees.

Visiting professors must:

  • fully complete teaching activities, as set out in the agreed programme
  • respect the University's internal regulations, including those governing workplace safety; 
  • submit a final report to the head of the relevant department or doctoral programme.
Support services

Visiting professors are guaranteed the following during their stay at the University of Milan:

  • assistance and support in completing residence permit application procedures;
  • access to University IT and library resources; 
  • accommodation in a university residence, depending on availability.

The request for recognition of the visiting professor status can be made by research doctorate departments or courses, with a resolution of their own Councils, also within the framework of international agreements between Universities.

The Council resolution must be sent to the International Relations and Agreements Office and indicate:

  • the details of the scholar to whom the teaching assignment is to be conferred
  • the institution of origin
  • the formal agreement with the foreign institution, if existing
  • the scholar's scientific and didactic profile, confirmed by the curriculum vitae
  • the specific educational activities that the scholar will carry out
  • the academic field of the activities and the study programme of these activities
  • the period of stay at the University and the period in which the teaching activity has to be carried out
  • the professor of reference (tutor) at the University of Milan
  • mission costs of the visiting professor, including any remuneration and relative coverage.

The title of visiting professor is formally attributed with a Rector's provision.