In-person teaching and learning and Covid-19 certificate

In view of the aforementioned Law Decree, we believe it is important to provide some preliminary indications, in the attached Rector's Decree and Operating Circular on the application of the new Government provisions and their highly significant impact on the entire organizational system of the University, as they are not limited to teaching and curricular activities.

For greater clarity, a Covid-19 certificate will be required by law from 1 September to 31 December 2021, currently the end of the state of emergency:

  • for all university staff, i.e. both teaching staff and technical, administrative and library staff;
  • for all students, including doctoral students, postdocs, fellows, trainees, upcoming graduates, graduate students, with the sole exception of those who are not required to be vaccinated, based on medical evidence produced in compliance with Ministry of Health's requirements.

Law Decree no. 111/21 specifies that school and university staff who fail to hold or show their green pass will be considered unexcused absent; starting from the fifth day of absence, the employment relationship will be suspended and no salary or other form of compensation will be due (art. 1, paragraph 6 of Law Decree 111/21, introducing a new article, art. 9-ter, to Law Decree no. 52/21).

University students vaccinations - Regione Lombardia

Operating circular on the green pass requirement - 30 August

Rector's Decree on teaching activities - 23 August

Circolare ministeriale del 7 agosto

Decreto legge del 6 agosto