Facts & Figures

This page presents the main information and indicators regarding research at the University of Milan.

This is fundamental data for understanding and measuring the impact of research on the life of citizens and on the growth of the country.

Collection and publication of data is also important for transparency, a commitment to account for the use of national public funds for development, enabling citizens to better assess the importance of public expenditure for education and research and to appreciate the results.

Italy ranks among the top positions in the world for research investment productivity.

Dati ricerca
Data summary

The University of Milan is the fifth biggest university in Italy, with 59,775 students enrolled in 137 degree courses and 1772 postgraduate students.

  • Publications in 2018: 7.797
  • Top 10% area publications: 21,6%
  • FWCI 1,71
  • Open access publications (source wos, source AIR): 20.508
  • 43,4% of publications from international collaborationsPUB: 12.500 – CIT. 208783
  • 38,2% of publications from national collaborations: PUB: 11.014 – CIT. 81989
  • 6,5 % of publications by single author PUB: 1879 – CIT. 3314
  • Research international ranking (between 3 and 7 in Italy)
  • First place in Italy for veterinary medicine and biomedical research
  • 59.775 current students
  • 136 degree programmes
  • 1.772 post graduate students,

University of Milan is 5th in Italy (for dimentions).

Students,teaching staff and reseachers N
Undergraduate students 36.717
Post graduate students (master) 23.058
Enroled students in  2018/9 12.556
Graduates in 2018 11.624
PhD students 869
Postgraduate schools students 319
Teaching and research stafff 2100
Reseachers under 40 150