Disability and SLD Services

To ensure the right to study, equality and social integration within the university community, the University of Milan provides assistance and services to students who have specific learning disabilities (SLDs).

By submitting the necessary certification at the time of enrolment, and by registering with Disability and SLD Services, it is possible to utilize the facilities and exemptions provided, as well as services such as mobility support, and the specific resources provided by the university.

Services will be unavailable during the holiday period, from 24 December through 6 January.


from Monday to Friday 9:00 - 12:00, by appointment

Tel: 02 503 12366

Study support tools and resources, exams in alternative modes, tutor assistance, seminars and courses regarding study methods and thesis preparation.

How and when to provide disability or SLD certification, exempions, reductions and other benefits concerning the right to study.

Transport, accompaniment and personal autonomy courses to foster the mobility of students with disabilities.

Accessing to tools for speech synthesis, braille bars, video magnifiers,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ printers and scanners.


A link to the guidelines of the National University Conference of Delegates for Disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), is below.

  • Rights, social integration and assistance for the disabled (Law 104/1992 and later modifications
  • Support measures in favor of people with severe handicaps (Law 162/1998 - modifications to Law 104/1992)
  • The right to work for the disabled (Law 68/1999)
  • Access for the disabled to IT tools (Law 4/2004 - Legge Stanca).
Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)