Online graduation sessions

Bachelor's degree programmes

Following the Coronavirus emergency measures, final exams will be held remotely, both for candidates and members of the Commission, through the Microsoft Teams platform.

Please find below the required tools and the operations to be performed by upcoming graduates for the correct conduct of online graduation sessions.

1. Requirements

The graduation session will take place by videoconference: the following requirements must be met, or the service quality may be compromised.

Your PC must:

  • be equipped with a webcam for video flow management; 
  • be equipped with headphones with microphone for optimal management of the audio flow.
    Otherwise, you can use the PC speakers and microphone, but the session may be noisy, resulting in bad audio quality for participants;
  • be connected to a stable Internet line.

If you cannot meet these requirements, please contact the University through the Informastudenti Service.

2. Microsoft Teams

The graduation session will take place on Microsoft Teams. To join the platform use your institutional email address (

On the Unimi portal page Microsoft - Office 365 Education, you will find:

  • the guide for activating the speakers and microphone;
  • the link to download and install the Teams app on your PC (recommended option for the purposes of performance).
3. Graduation session

Graduating students will be invited to connect on the Microsoft Teams platform according to the schedule (date and time) published on your programme website and in the dedicated section Programme-specific procedures and deadlines.

Graduating students will be invited to access the Team for their graduation session on their university e-mail account ( You will receive: an e-mail notification of inclusion in the Team – upon opening Microsoft Teams, you will be able to access directly your Team;

Please connect well in advance.

Screenshot: come accedere al canale lauree

To access the live graduation session, click on join in the post section.

Screenshot: partecipa

A meeting setup window will appear: enable audio and video functions, and then click on Join now.

The Commission will identify the candidate by their identity document and will start the graduation session.

Screenshot: partecipa ora

For sharing options, click the corresponding icon in the "call command bar". A menu is presented that allows you to select different sharing options: PowerPoint, your computer's desktop, or an open application on your device. 

If you need to share a PowerPoint file, click "browse" in the sharing window: you can upload the file from one of the Team Channels (if previously uploaded to the channel), from OneDrive, or from your computer's hard drive.

The PowerPoint file, after a short loading phase, will appear on the screen with navigation commands to scroll through the slides. To stop sharing, click "stop slide show".

Condivisione lauree telematiche 2

At the end of the discussion, the Commission will meet privately to determine the graduation mark, by pausing the video conference with the candidates.

The Commission will then announce the graduates by reopening the video conference with the candidates.

The streaming of the discussion is not possible for users different from the authorized (candidates, commissioners and support technicians) and the recording of the graduation session is strictly forbidden.