Trasferring to another University


Students who are enrolled on any of the degree programmes run by the University of Milan and who wish to transfer to another university must be up to date with payment of the fees for previous academic years.

They must not, however, re-enrol in the new academic year on the degree programme they have been enrolled on at the University of Milan up to that point. Students who renew their enrolment will not be entitled to a refund of the first instalment, even if it was incorrectly paid.

How and when to transfer


Between 15 July and 30 October 2020 (by 12 pm at the latest)

Submitting your application

Applications must be submitted online through Application for external transfers.
(or trough Unimia - SIFA services - Administrative services - Transfers - Application for external transfers).

It is important to keep in mind the deadlines set by the host university.

Nulla osta (authorisation) for degrees with limited enrolment 

After submitting the external transfer application, students wishing to transfer onto a degree programme with limited enrolment must hand in a copy of the nulla osta (authorisation) issued by the host university, at the Help Desk of the Students Administration Office, or online through the Informastudente service, entering "Nulla osta trasferimento esterno" (“Authorisation for external transfer”) in the message subject field.

Costs and payments 

Payment of the 91 euro fee for the transfer application (which includes a 16 euro revenue stamp) may be paid: 

  • by credit card when submitting the transfer application 
  • using the MAV payment form generated by the procedure. This form must be printed and paid by the deadline stated, at any bank, ATM, homebanking or ITB Bank, or at participating stores.

Handing in the Student Record Book

This applies only to Humanities and Law students who enrolled prior to the 2012/2013 academic year. These students must put their student record book inside a closed envelope labelled “Internal transfer application”, and aindicating also their matriculation number, first name, surname and degree programme, and place it inside in the appropriate container located in the reception area of the Student Administration Office in Via Santa Sofia 9/1.