University cards: Carta Flash La Statale and Carta Flash Up Studio La Statale

Carta Flash Up Studio La Statale

Carta Flash Up Studio La Statale is a personal, non-transferable prepaid bank card. It can be activated free of charge in any Intesa Sanpaolo branch.

Card features

  • Maximum balance: € 10,000.00
  • No load limit in the calendar year

Activation as a Flash Up Studio La Statale card is required for receiving scholarship payments.

Carta Flash La Statale

Attention! From 16th December 2019 because of the implementation of the EU Directive n.2018/843, you will not be able to activate your badge as Carta Flash La Statale.

If you have already activated your badge as Carta Flash La Statale, you can keep using it with the following features:

  • Maximum balance: € 150.00
  • Load limit: € 150.00 per month
  • Cash withdrawal limit: € 50 per month
  • Cannot be used for online shopping
  • Cannot be used for purchases abroad