Individual counselling service

Avviso sospensione servizi counseling e metodo di studio

Il servizio di supporto allo studio è sospeso per il mese di agosto 2021.

I colloqui sia di counseling psicologico che sul metodo di studio, riprenderanno a partire da lunedì 6 settembre 2021.

The University offers a free individual counselling service to students experiencing momentary difficulties in their studies that could affect their academic performance and their ability to adapt to university life.

Two different types of free counselling may be requested: 

  • counselling in study methods

  • counselling for emotional difficulties.

How to book

Send an e-mail to from your account and indicate your name and phone number in the message. We will contact you to make an appointment.

Counselling in study methods

The service helps students learn specific strategies and techniques for developing a personal method of study that can be adapted to different contexts; it also helps them acquire greater awareness of their personal resources.

The counselling sessions (a maximum of 5 individual sessions) are intended for students facing purely academic difficulties:

  • problems in time management and in organizing studies
  • the need to adapt learning methods to university study
  • difficulty in effective communication during exams.
Counselling for emotional difficulties

This is a short-term professional counselling service reserved for students with emotional difficulties affecting their academic performance, such as:

  • problems adapting to university life
  • uncertainty and dissatisfaction in personal choices
  • relational difficulties with peers and professors
  • lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • difficulty in making decisions and managing complex or stressful situations
  • problems managing one's emotions, sentimental problems
  • exam anxiety, loss of motivation.