Password management for students and graduates

Recover or change your password

The password change service can be used by those in possession of credentials in the domains, and It allows to change password and manage password recovery settings:

Exclusively for those who are in possession of credentials in the domain and have a matriculation number:


Password recovery in the most difficult cases (

Students can access an "emergency" change-password service at "emergency" change-password. The service allows users to reset their password, even if they have forgotten the existing one; students with more than one active matriculation number (pertaining to different study careers) may insert any one of the active matriculation numbers, taking care to enter the corresponding PIN.

Students who do not have a PIN or have forgotten it  must contact the Registrar to be issued a new one.

Change password

You are advised to periodically modify your password following the instructions on the change password page.

How to change your password