Covid-19 - Internship and traineeship provisions

This page contains the new provisions (including FAQs) issued by the Lombardy Region on 4 November 2020, regulating internships during the emergency phase.

The guidelines do not apply to mandatory internships for students enrolled in the programmes of the Faculty of Medicine.

Internships can only be undertaken if the conditions required for carrying out work activities are met (with no restrictions on activities or mobility, based on Ateco codes and applicable regulations). It is the responsibility of the host organization to ensure that the above conditions are met.

Please read carefully remote internship procedures. This is an option that can be used for internships in progress or to be started, in line with training objectives.

It is understood that the provisions of the Prime Minister's Decrees (DPCMs) and the ordinances issued by the competent authorities can be immediately enforced, particularly with regard to restrictions on activities and travel, and to safety protocols.

Management of internships in cases of suspension of activities

Where the activities are suspended or reduced, the following options are available (see guidelines below):

  • remote internship;
  • suspension of internship;
  • termination of internship.

If, over time, statutory requirements are no longer met, the internship must be suspended or terminated by immediately notifying the organization through the usual channels.

Both curricular and extracurricular interns are insured by INAIL against Covid-19 infection. Please remember that: 

  • extracurricular interns are also insured against any commuting accidents;
  • curricular interns are not insured against commuting accidents. The insurance only covers the risks directly associated to the activities that are part of the training project.


Failure to comply with the guidelines or with University procedures may result in the internship suspension or termination. 

Internship office

For information

E-mail assistance:
Phone assistance (02.503.12032):

  • Tuesday: 10 am to 12 noon
  • Thursday: 10 am to 12 noon

Remote internships are allowed if in line with training objectives for that professional profile.

In such cases, the host organization must ensure the constant availability of the company tutor for assistance through suitable technology.

  • Moving an onsite internship online

What to do:

If the remote internship option has not been selected in the dedicated section of the training project (curricular internship) or the addendum (extracurricular internship), the company or host institution is required to:

1. complete and sign the form "Internship Addendum" available on this page. The form must state the start date of remote working;

2. have the intern sign the form;

3. send the form to  .

The University internship office, after checking that the documentation is complete, will send an email confirmation.

  • Starting a new internship remotely

The company or host institution:

Curricular internships: completes the dedicated section of the training project. It fulfils formal procedures as for onsite internships.

Extracurricular internships: completes and signs the form "Internship Addendum". It fulfils formal procedures as for onsite internships.

Internships may be suspended:

  1. following restrictive measures issued by competent authorities;
  2. absent the conditions required by government and regional provisions to ensure health protection in the work environment (use of personal protective equipment, safety distance, working hours, etc.);
  3. in case of suspension of hourly or rotation workers under payroll subsidies (CIG, CIGD, bilateral funds, or other social security cushions) in the same operating unit and with the same duties as the trainee, subject to any trade union agreements;
  4. in the event of mandatory quarantine or self-isolation.

Please note that any other reasons for suspension, as per the current regional legislation, still apply.

What to do:

  1. The company or host institution uploads to the internship portal a suspension application noting the following reason: "Addendum - Covid-19 health emergency".
  2. Note: If the internship end date must be postponed due to the suspension, the host institution is required to apply for an extension online. In the case of extracurricular internships, please upload the related extension communications (COB) to the portal. The Lombardy Region specifies that the internship "may be extended in order to make up for any suspension periods (which do not count towards the total duration of the internship) for reasons related to the epidemiological emergency".

It is possible to terminate an internship if its training objectives are not achievable given the current situation. (Please note that the “suspension” option is also available).

What to do:

The host organization must apply for early termination on the internship portal, stating the following reason: "Inability to achieve the training objectives due to Covid-19".

Note: in the case of extracurricular internships, please upload the termination communications (COB) and the interruption form available on the portal ("early termination" section):