Industrial processes and scale-up

A.Y. 2014/2015
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The main objective of the course is to emphasize the importance of scale-up methodology for the unit operations in chemical plants (reaction and separation processes), to give the theoretical basis for a correct approach to a scaling-up and to introduce the simulation science. The correct theoretical and experimental approaches of this kind of study will be presented and discussed; different industrial examples will be considered. Moreover, devoted software (PRO II and Dynsym) available to industrial chemists and engineers for the scaling-up operations will be presented and used in the course.

Course structure and Syllabus

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Lessons: 48 hours
Professor: Pirola Carlo
The course will be devoted to a specific introduction of the scaling-up methodology for chemical processes from a chemical and an engineering point of view. Both chemical reaction and separation process will be taken into account. More in detail, the following topics will be explained and discussed:

- Scaling-up of a chemical operation: meaning and importance
- Laboratories study and pilot-plant studies
- Models for the interpretation of experimental data and simulation of a chemical unit operations: steady-state and dynamic models
- Physical and chemicals models
- Pilot plants: raw materials, mock-ups, degree of freedom, constructive materials, test program and use of results
- Experimental techniques in scaling-up methodology
- Applications to industrial process development: industrial examples and case-histories
- Control technology in chemical processes
- Environmental and regulatory issues
- Use of simulation softwares in the scaling-up: PRO II, Dynsym, MATLAB. Tutorial of these programs and their use for several aspects involved in the topics of the course.

Suggested introductory
Chimica Fisica Industriale, Impianti Chimici con Laboratorio, Chimica Fisica I

Reference material
- The properties of Gases and Liquids Autori: B. Poling; J. 'O Connell; J. Prausnitz. McGraw-Hill 2004
- Scale-up Methodology for Chemical Process. Autori: J. B. Euzen, P. Trambouze, J. P. Wauquier, Edition Technip.
- All necessary materials will be made available during the course
Lesson period
First semester
Lesson period
First semester
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voto verbalizzato in trentesimi
Monday: 9:30-13:30 am
Pilot Plants Laboratory (Build # 7 of the Chemistry Departement)