Introduction to nanotechnologies

A.Y. 2014/2015
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Learning objectives
Gli obiettivi del corso sono quelli di fornire allo studente tutte le più importanti nozioni relative alla conoscenza dei principi di base e fondamenti della nanotecnologia ed applicazioni ai materiali inorganici ed organici.

Course structure and Syllabus

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Lessons: 48 hours
Part I
Basic concepts on the nanoparticles, their physico-chemical properties and how these latter can be modulated changing nano particles size will be presented In particular, the synthetic procedures (using both top-down and bottom-up approaches) for the preparation of different nanoparticle classes (metallic, semiconductors and quantum dots) will be described. The peculiar properties of the different types of nanoparticles (absorption, emission, modulation of the nanosized semiconductors band gap etc.) will be described. The most relevant strategies for nanoparticles stabilization in colloidal suspension, for the choice of the capping material as a function of the use of the nano-object, will be presented, as well as the techniques most commonly employed for their characterization in the solid state and in suspension. Some recent applications will be discussed. TOTAL 24 h.
Part II
Basic principles of superparamagnetic nanoparticles are illustrated: in particular, definitions, characteristics and potential applications are presented. In detail, iron oxide nanoparticles, such as maghemite and magnetite are discussed in terms of magnetic characteristics, synthesis and stabilization methods. The most important methods of functionalization of nanoparticles surface with organic molecules and biomolecules are presented. Basic principles of biomedical applications are also described: 1] in diagnostics, through the use of nanoparticles as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging and 2] in therapy, thanks to their ability to give hyperthermia, drug transport, vector fo cells uptake. TOTAL 24h

Reference material for students
Students are given a file containing all of the slides presented during the course.

Requirement and examination procedure
The student choose and study a literature paper, dealing with the course topic, which illustrates to the teacher.

Requested background
General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry I.
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Students are expected to attend all of the lessons.
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Second semester
Lesson period
Second semester
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