Microbiological techniques

A.Y. 2017/2018
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Learning objectives
Main purpose: to supply the cultural and operative instruments necessary for relating the acquired knowledge in the microbiological field to the microbiological methods and their application in the field of biotechnology.
Planning, organization and carriyng out of experimental analyses for the phenotypic and genotypic chracterization of microorganisms involved in the food industry.

Course structure and Syllabus

Active edition
Laboratories: 16 hours
Lessons: 24 hours
¿ Lectures Isolation, selection and survey of microorganisms from heterogeneous matrices. Taxonomic identification of bacteria: phenotypic and genotypic characteristics. Planning and choise of experimental analyses for phenotypic and genotypic identification. Genetic organization in bacteria. The measurable characteristics of plasmidic and chromosomal DNA. The concepts of molecular genetics and their application in both basic and applied biotechnology (with particular regard to techniques that allow precise detection and amplification of DNA through the polymerase chain reaction or PCR) ¿ Laboratory exercises Culture media preparation. Use of autoclaves and filters for the sterilization of media and materials. Isolation techniques. Measurement of bacterial growth. Obtainment of pure cultures. Planning and carrying out of phenotypic analyses for bacterial identification and characterization. Extraction of chromosomal and plasmidic DNA and their study: separation and visualization through gel electrophoresis techniques; % GC evaluation, determination of % of genetic homology
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Second semester
Lesson period
Second semester
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