Processing industries of food of animal origin

A.Y. 2017/2018
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Overall hours
Learning objectives
Provide the basic principles and the technological and hygienic-health knowledge needed to understand food preservation and food processing of meat and meat products, fish/seafood, milk and dairy products, eggs and eggproducts and other minor animal foods with references to EU and national legislation.
Deepen the technological processes of some of the most important animal foods.

Course structure and Syllabus

Active edition
Practicals: 16 hours
Lessons: 40 hours
the program includes:
- Hygiene package
- National Plan NRP Residui-
- Nutrition labeling
- Food Additives
- methods of conservation
- Contamination of food of animal origin from Chemicals and Micro.
- Packaging, Materials in contact with the food of animal origin
- Composition of the meat (with notes on fishery products)
- Slaughter (from Muscle to Meat, Quality 'and properties' of Meat Quality, Stress, PSE meat and DFD)
- Meat products, national and regional productions and typicality
- Fish and problematic products (Syndrome scombroid poisoning histamine poisoning amines biogene- determination of CO)

Modulo 2 Milk and dairy products; eggs and eggproducts; other minor foods
Frontal lessons
1) Milk hygiene 2 Hours
2) Composition, physical, chemical and microbiological parameters of milk. 2 hours
3) Milk preservation and sanitation . Heath treatments and other processing. Hours 2
4) Cheese: classification, PDO, PGI , STG. Hours 1
5) Cheese making: starter cultures, milk coagulation. 2 ore
6) Examples of cheese families: fresh, ripened, pasta filata types . Hours 3
7) Dairy products: yogurt, butter, ricotta . Hours 2
8) Eggs and eggproducts. Hours 2
9) Other animal foods Hours 1

Classroom: workshop Spoilage of dairy products 2 hours
Classroom: Workshop on issues of Module 2. 2 Hours
Classroom: Workshop on Analyses of milk and dairy products, authenticity, frauds, traceability. 2 hours
Group work: Labelling of dairy products, eggs, and other foods. Hours 2
Group work: processing technology of typical cheeses (at the choise). Production of a report for open class discussion . 4 hours
Group work: ethnic food and uncommon foods (at the choise). Production of a report for open class discussion . 4 hours
The same as for attendants
Lesson period
Second semester
Lesson period
Second semester
Assessment methods
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Lab. Food Inspection