Laboratory "Venture Design and Growth Mindset"

A.Y. 2019/2020
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In today's everchanging economy continuous innovation is becoming a must for companies and governments. It touches upon products and services as well as organisational setting and governance structures. Innovation is becoming then part of the managerial function posing new challenges in terms of risk appraisal, uncertainty management and value proposition design. On the other hand innovation dynamics are changing, imposing more attention to the customer experience and value delivery even among business to business ventures. This implies a need to better understand the customer's perspective in designing a value proposition. This laboratory deals with the management of the innovation process, according to a problem solving and customer centric perspective. This implies the design of specific value proposition following a design thinking perspective, and approaching the formalization of a specific offering according to a job to be done framework. The attendees will be introduced to specific tools and topics by real case applications and simulations. This laboratory privileges interactivity, creativity and evidence based learning. It can be helpful in acquiring specific skills such as venture design, design thinking and design management.

Course structure and Syllabus

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SECS-P/08 - MANAGEMENT - University credits: 3
Laboratory activity: 20 hours
Professor: Cocchi Andrea
1) 16/10/2019 4 hours
Introduction. Creation of student's groups. Introduction to design thinking.
Customer personas as a tool to formulate hypotheses about the demand and its characteristics.
The group will work in groups on problems/ideas they agreed upon

2) 24/10/2019 2 hours
How to build and structure a value proposition. JOB TO BE DONE as a framework of reference in lean startup and design thinking
Define working hypothesis and structure a lean canvas

3) 31/10/2019 4 hours
Qualitative research and its role in the innovative process. The customer discovery in the lean startup to understand our customers. Workshop on Growth Mindset to deliver real value and innovation.

4) 7/11/2019 2 hours
Offer development following the first round of exploration. What have we learned and what influence it has on our idea?.
Tools/Skills: defining a PoV: STORYBOARD to introduce the importance of heuristics and storytelling in the discovery process. Focus on metrics: vanity and useful

5) 14/11/2019 2 hours
Offer validation by elementary prototype and MVP. Selection of tools and techniques to be used by groups
Tools/Skills: Power Point, Landing pages, paper prototypes,

6) 21/11/2019 4 hours
Workshop with case study and simulations. Case study.(external host) Student will present their work and learning outcomes will be discussed: how to give and receive feedback.

7) 28/11/2019 2 ore
Introduction to facilitation techniques focused conversation and appraisal of learnings from this laboratory
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Lesson period
First trimester
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