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  • A mobile app to transparently distinguish single- from dual-task walking for the ecological monitoring of age-related changes in daily-life gait / F. Lunardini, M. Malavolti, A.L.G. Pedrocchi, N.A. Borghese, S. Ferrante. - In: GAIT & POSTURE. - ISSN 0966-6362. - 86(2021 May), pp. 27-32. [10.1016/j.gaitpost.2021.02.028]
  • A Smart Ink Pen for the Ecological Assessment of Age-Related Changes in Writing and Tremor Features / F. Lunardini, D.D. Febbo, M. Malavolti, M. Cid, M. Serra, L. Piccini, A.L.G. Pedrocchi, N.A. Borghese, S. Ferrante. - In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT. - ISSN 0018-9456. - 70(2021), pp. 9311200.1-9311200.13.
  • A Community-Based Activity Center to Promote Social Engagement and Counteract Decline of Elders Living Independently / M. Luperto, N. Basilico, A. Vuono, M. Cid, M. Cesari, S. Ferrante, N.A. Borghese (LECTURE NOTES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE). - In: AIxIA 2020. Advances in Artificial Intelligence / [a cura di] M. Baldoni, S. Bandini. - [s.l] : Springer, 2021. - ISBN 978-3-030-77090-7. - pp. 388-422 (( Intervento presentato al 19. convegno International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence tenutosi a virtual event nel 2020 [10.1007/978-3-030-77091-4_24].
  • Player behaviour metrics for adjusting content in VR games: the case of fear / S. Palma, L.A. Ripamonti, N.A. Borghese, D. Maggiorini, D. Gadia - In: CHItaly '21: CHItaly 2021 / [a cura di] A. De Angeli, L. Chittaro, R. Gennari, M. De Marsico, A. Melonio, C. Gena, L. De Russis, L. D. Spano. - [s.l] : ACM, 2021. - ISBN 9781450389778. - pp. 1-6 (( Intervento presentato al 14. convegno Biannual Conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter tenutosi a Bolzano nel 2021 [10.1145/3464385.3464705].
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