Polissi Alessandra

Full professor
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Via Balzaretti, 9/11/13
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 18205
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02503 18270
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  • Novel photo-thermally active polyvinyl alcohol-Prussian blue nanoparticles hydrogel films capable of eradicating bacteria and mitigating biofilms / M. Borzenkov, L. D'Alfonso, A. Polissi, P. Sperandeo, M. Collini, G. Dacarro, A. Taglietti, G. Chirico, P. Pallavicini. - In: NANOTECHNOLOGY. - ISSN 1361-6528. - 30:29(2019 Apr 26).
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  • Targeting bacterial biofilm: a new LecA multivalent ligand with inhibitory activity / A. Palmioli, P. Sperandeo, A. Polissi, C. Airoldi. - In: CHEMBIOCHEM. - ISSN 1439-4227. - (2019). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Solid State NMR Studies of Intact Lipopolysaccharide Endotoxin / C. Laguri, A. Silipo, A.M. Martorana, P. Schanda, R. Marchetti, A. Polissi, A. Molinaro, J. Simorre. - In: ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY. - ISSN 1554-8929. - 13:8(2018 Aug 17), pp. 2106-2113.
  • Mutation and suppressor analysis of the essential lipopolysaccharide transport protein LptA reveals strategies to overcome severe outer membrane permeability defects in Escherichia coli / F.A. Falchi, E.A. Maccagni, S. Puccio, C. Peano, C. De Castro, A. Palmigiano, D. Garozzo, A.M. Martorana, A. Polissi, G. Dehò, P. Sperandeo. - In: JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY. - ISSN 0021-9193. - 200:2(2018), pp. e00487.1-e00487.25.