Perego Alessandro

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow


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  • Geomorphology of the northwestern Kurdistan Region of Iraq : landscapes of the Zagros Mountains drained by the Tigris and Great Zab Rivers / L. Forti, A. Perego, F. Brandolini, G.S. Mariani, M. Zebari, K. Nicoll, E. Regattieri, C. Conati Barbaro, D. Morandi Bonacossi, H. Ahmed Qasim, M. Cremaschi, A. Zerboni. - In: JOURNAL OF MAPS. - ISSN 1744-5647. - (2021 Apr 09). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Late Holocene onset of intensive cultivation and introduction of the falaj irrigation system in the Salut oasis (Sultanate of Oman) / M. Cremaschi, M. Degli Esposti, D. Fleitmann, A. Perego, E. Sibilia, A. Zerboni. - In: QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS. - ISSN 0277-3791. - 200(2018), pp. 123-140.
  • Geoarchaeology in an urban context : the town of Reggio Emilia and river dynamics during the last two millennia in Northern Italy / M. Cremaschi, P. Storchi, A. Perego. - In: GEOARCHAEOLOGY. - ISSN 1520-6548. - 33:1(2018), pp. 52-66.
  • Towards a map of the upper Pleistocene loess of the PO plain loess basin (Northern Italy) / A. Zerboni, R. Amit, C. Baroni, C. Coltorti, M.F. Ferrario, G. Fioraso, M.G. Forno, C. Frigerio, F. Gianotti, A. Irace, F. Livio, G.S. Mariani, A.M. Michetti, G. Monegato, P. Mozzi, G. Orombelli, A. Perego, N. Porat, I. Reling, L. Trombino, M. Cremaschi. - In: ALPINE AND MEDITERRANEAN QUATERNARY. - ISSN 2279-7327. - 31(2018), pp. 253-256. ((Intervento presentato al convegno Quaternary: Past, Present, Future : AIQUA Conference tenutosi a Firenze nel 2018.
  • Geomorphological Map of the Tadrart Acacus Massif and the Erg Uan Kasa (Libyan Central Sahara) / A. Zerboni, A. Perego, M. Cremaschi. - In: JOURNAL OF MAPS. - ISSN 1744-5647. - 11:5(2015), pp. 772-787.