Regorda Alessandro

Type A Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Cicognara, 7
20129 MILANO (MI)

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  • Formation and evolution of a subduction-related mélange: The example of the Rocca Canavese Thrust Sheets (Western Alps) / M. Roda, M. Zucali, A. Regorda, M. Iole Spalla. - In: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN. - ISSN 0016-7606. - 132:3-4(2020 Mar 01), pp. 884-896.
  • New insights on the dynamics of the Sumatra and Mariana complexes inferred from the comparative analysis of gravity data and model predictions / A. Bollino, A.M. Marotta, F. Restelli, A. Regorda, R. Sabadini. ((Intervento presentato al convegno EGU General Assembly tenutosi a Wien nel 2020.
  • The static and time-dependent signature of ocean-continent and ocean-ocean subduction : The case studies of Sumatra and Mariana complexes / A.M. Marotta, F. Restelli, A. Bollino, A. Regorda, R. Sabadini. - In: GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0956-540X. - 221:2(2020), pp. 788-825.
  • How many subductions in the Variscan orogeny? Insights from numerical models / A. Regorda, J. Lardeaux, M. Roda, A.M. Marotta, M.I. Spalla. - In: GEOSCIENCE FRONTIERS. - ISSN 1674-9871. - (2019 Nov 22). [Epub ahead of print]
  • What drives Alpine Tethys opening? Clues from the review of geological data and model predictions / M. Roda, A. Regorda, M.I. Spalla, A.M. Marotta. - In: GEOLOGICAL JOURNAL. - ISSN 0072-1050. - 54:4(2019), pp. 2646-2664.