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  • Frontal pathways in cognitive control: direct evidence from intraoperative stimulation and diffusion tractography / G. Puglisi, H.R. Howells, T. Sciortino, A. Leonetti, M. Rossi, M. CONTI NIBALI, L.G. Gay, L. Fornia, A. Bellacicca, L. Vigano', L. Simone, M. Catani, G. Cerri, L. Bello. - In: BRAIN (ONLINE). - ISSN 1460-2156. - 142:8(2019 Aug 01), pp. 2451-2465.
  • Direct Electrical Stimulation of Premotor Areas: Different Effects on Hand Muscle Activity during Object Manipulation / L. Fornia, M. Rossi, M. Rabuffetti, A. Leonetti, G. Puglisi, L. Viganò, L. Simone, H. Howells, A. Bellacicca, L. Bello, G. Cerri. - In: CEREBRAL CORTEX. - ISSN 1047-3211. - (2019 Jan 02). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Anatomo-functional characterisation of the human “hand-knob” : a direct electrophysiological study / L. Vigano, L. Fornia, M. Rossi, H. Howells, A. Leonetti, G. Puglisi, M. Conti Nibali, A. Bellacicca, M. Grimaldi, L. Bello, G. Cerri. - In: CORTEX. - ISSN 0010-9452. - 113(2019), pp. 239-254.
  • Large scale networks for human hand-object interaction: Functionally distinct roles for two premotor regions identified intraoperatively / L. Simone, L. Fornia, L. Viganò, F. Sambataro, M. Rossi, A. Leonetti, G. Puglisi, H. Howells, A. Bellacicca, L. Bello, G. Cerri. - In: NEUROIMAGE. - ISSN 1053-8119. - 204(2019 Jan 01).
  • Embedding electronics in 3D printed structures by combining fused filament fabrication and supersonic cluster beam deposition / A. Bellacicca, T. Santaniello, P. Milani. - In: ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING. - ISSN 2214-8604. - 24(2018), pp. 60-66.