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20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • E-NEWTRIENTS: BIOELECTROCHEMICAL SYSTEMS AT THE SERVICE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES / A. Goglio ; tutor: S. Bocchi ; co-tutor: A. Schievano. - Milano : Università degli studi di Milano. Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali - Produzione, Territorio, Agroenergia, 2021 Jan 15. ((33. ciclo, Anno Accademico 2020.
  • Biochar-Terracotta Conductive Composites: New Design for Bioelectrochemical Systems / P. Cristiani, A. Goglio, S. Marzorati, S. Fest-Santini, A. Schievano. - In: FRONTIERS IN ENERGY RESEARCH. - ISSN 2296-598X. - 8(2020 Dec 03).
  • Electroactive biochar for large-scale environmental applications of microbial electrochemistry / A. Schievano, R. Berenguer, A. Goglio, S. Bocchi, S. Marzorati, L. Rago, R.O. Louro, C.M. Paquete, A. Esteve-Nunez. - In: ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING. - ISSN 2168-0485. - 7:22(2019 Nov 18), pp. 18198-18212.
  • Microbial recycling cells : first steps into a new type of microbial electrochemical technologies, aimed at recovering nutrients from wastewater / A. Goglio, S. Marzorati, L. Rago, D. Pant, P. Cristiani, A. Schievano. - In: BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY. - ISSN 0960-8524. - 277(2019 Apr), pp. 117-127.
  • Air-breathing bio-cathodes based on electro-active biochar from pyrolysis of Giant Cane stalks / S. Marzorati, A. Goglio, S. Fest-Santini, D. Mombelli, F. Villa, P. Cristiani, A. Schievano. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY. - ISSN 0360-3199. - 44:9 Special issue(2019 Feb 15), pp. 4496-4507. ((Intervento presentato al 44. convegno European Fuel Cell Technology and Applications (EFC) Piero Lunghi Conference and Exhibition : December, 12th - 15th tenutosi a Napoli nel 2017.