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  • Huenite, Cu4Mo3O12(OH)2, a new copper-molybdenum oxy-hydroxide mineral from the San Samuel mine, Carrera Pinto, Cachiyuyo de Llampos district, Copiapó Province, Atacama Region, Chile / P. Vignola, N. Rotiroti, G.D. Gatta, A. Risplendente, F. Hatert, D. Bersani, V. Mattioli. - In: CANADIAN MINERALOGIST. - ISSN 0008-4476. - 57:4(2019), pp. 467-474.
  • The chrysoberyl-And phosphate-bearing Albite pegmatite of Malga garbella, val di rabbi, Trento province, Italy / P. Vignola, M. Zucali, N. Rotiroti, G. Marotta, A. Risplendente, A. Pavese, M. Boscardin, V. Mattioli, G. Bertoldi. - In: CANADIAN MINERALOGIST. - ISSN 0008-4476. - 56:4(2018), pp. 411-424.
  • Searching for the Garamantian Emerald : reconsidering the green-coloured stone beads trade in the ancient Sahara / A. Zerboni, P. Vignola, M.C. Gatto, A. Risplendente, L. Mori. - In: CANADIAN MINERALOGIST. - ISSN 0008-4476. - 55:4(2017), pp. 651-668.
  • On the Crystal-Chemistry of Bjarebyite, BaMn2+2Al2(PO4)3(OH)3, From the Palermo #1 Pegmatite, Grafton County, New Hampshire, Usa / N. Rotiroti, P. Vignola, D. Bersani, W.B. Simmons, A.U. Falster, R.W. Whitmore, J.W. Nizamoff, P. Lotti, A. Risplendente, A. Pavese. - In: CANADIAN MINERALOGIST. - ISSN 0008-4476. - 54:4(2016 Jul), pp. 1033-1041.
  • Albertiniite, Fe2+(SO3)·3H2O, a new sulfite mineral species from the Monte Falò Pb-Zn mine, Coiromonte, Armeno Municipality, Verbano Cusio Ossola Province, Piedmont, Italy / P. Vignola, G.D. Gatta, N. Rotiroti, P. Gentile, F. Hatert, M. Baijot, D. Bersani, A. Risplendente, A. Pavese. - In: MINERALOGICAL MAGAZINE. - ISSN 1471-8022. - 80:6(2016), pp. 985-994.