Saponaro Andrea Cosimo

Fixed-term Research Fellow A
Competition sector



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo C
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Gating movements and ion permeation in {HCN}4 pacemaker channels / A.C. Saponaro, D. Bauer, M. Hunter Giese, P. Swuec, A. Porro, F. Gasparri, A. Sadat Sharifzadeh, A. Chaves Sanjuan, L. Alberio, G. Parisi, G. Cerutti, O.B. Clarke, K. Hamacher, H.M. Colecraft, F. Mancia, W.A. Hendrickson, S.A. Siegelbaum, D. Di Francesco, M. Bolognesi, G. Thiel, B. Santoro, A. Moroni. - In: MOLECULAR CELL. - ISSN 1097-2765. - 81(2021 Jul 15), pp. 1-15. [10.1016/j.molcel.2021.05.033]
  • Detection of ligand binding to purified HCN channels using fluorescence-based size exclusion chromatography / A. Saponaro, A.S. Sharifzadeh, A. Moroni (METHODS IN ENZYMOLOGY). - In: Methods in Enzymology[s.l] : Academic Press, 2021 Feb. - ISBN 9780323853743. - pp. 105-123 [10.1016/bs.mie.2021.01.043]
  • Structural Basis of Inhibition of the Pioneer Transcription Factor NF-Y by Suramin / V. Nardone, A. Chaves-Sanjuan, M. Lapi, C. Airoldi, A. Saponaro, S. Pasqualato, D. Dolfini, C. Camilloni, A. Bernardini, N. Gnesutta, R. Mantovani, M. Nardini. - In: CELLS. - ISSN 2073-4409. - 9:11(2020 Oct).
  • A functional K+ channel from tetraselmis virus 1, a member of the mimiviridae / K. Kukovetz, B. Hertel, C.R. Schvarcz, A. Saponaro, M. Manthey, U. Burk, T. Greiner, G.F. Steward, J.L. van Etten, A. Moroni, G. Thiel, O. Rauh. - In: VIRUSES. - ISSN 1999-4915. - 12:10(2020 Sep 29).
  • Rational design of a mutation to investigate the role of the brain protein TRIP8b in limiting the cAMP response of HCN channels in neurons / A.C. Saponaro, A. Porro, A. Binda, I. Rivolta, M. Pisoni, C. Donadoni. - In: JOURNAL OF GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY. - ISSN 0022-1295. - 152:9(2020 Sep 07), pp. e202012596.1-e202012596.13.